Coincidence or Divine Providence?

I’m writing today because it is the anniversary of our son Martín’s death.  He died just shy of his 5th birthday from complications from his third liver transplant.  But this year the date is overshadowed by another tragic connection.  I am compelled to share it because there were so many little synchronicities surrounding Martín’s lifeContinue reading “Coincidence or Divine Providence?”

What about the Seven Sorrows devotion for men?

Today I just wanted to put together some quick thoughts about why devotion to the Seven Sorrows of our Lady is helpful for men as well. First, there were men supporting Our Lady at every single one of the sorrows.  It follows that she would call men to continue to support her now as well. Continue reading “What about the Seven Sorrows devotion for men?”

Surprising Connection

The morning after I uploaded my first blog post I was shocked to see an email that said someone was following my blog. How could that possibly be?  I’m a new author. What was even more surprising was that it was a man that I think was Chinese. I immediately realized that it was unlikelyContinue reading “Surprising Connection”

A Lesson from the 1st Sorrow of Our Lady

“. . . that out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.” If you have read the introduction to my book, A Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, I discussed a lesson on the First Sorrow that I learned from a sermon one Sunday at my church.  Then I heard the same pointContinue reading “A Lesson from the 1st Sorrow of Our Lady”