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Tricia Mendoza is a teacher, writer and editor. She has worked in industry in marketing, communications, and training.  She has taught high school Language Arts for over 20 years. Patricia spent two years evangelizing door to door with the Legion of Mary and adapted priestly talks into evangelization materials. 

She has published a devotional book on the Seven Sorrows of Mary based on a 19th century work by Fr. Frederick Faber.  Additionally, she is putting the finishing touches on her next book, Antonio’s Questions.
Tricia lives in California with her husband and son.

A Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

Excerpts from The Foot of the Cross,
The Sorrows of Mary by Fr. Frederick Faber

Tricia’s first book is a derivative work, A Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. It is a guided journey by Fr. Frederick Faber in his own words.  The reader walks beside the Blessed Virgin Mary through each of her seven sorrows as the Mother of God. 

A catechetical story suitable for children and adults,
that makes the tenets of Catholicism come alive.

Now available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback, Antonio’s Questions is a unique presentation of the Catholic faith that explores topics through a dialogue between a parish priest, Father Vertalo, and a boy named Antonio. The lessons unfold through the eyes of Antonio, as he, in his innocence asks questions about our faith.

Imagine if you had a priest who would answer your questions by narrating a story.

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