Hi, I’m Tricia Mendoza. Most people will know me with typical defining roles – author, writer, teacher, editor – and wife and mother. But the umbrella term for all those roles is – master explainer!

I have a fairly unusual career background in that I worked in sales and marketing communications in heavy industry before making an unexpected jump to education. Those two careers appear to be completely unrelated and it took me a few years to see how complementary they were. After teaching Language Arts, economics and business courses for close to a quarter century, I can see now that I have always been finetuning the art of explaining! One time at the end of training session I did for a peer to peer anxiety management program, a long term member of the group came up to me and said enthusiastically, “I’m so impressed with how you explained those terms. I have never heard them explained that way before.” My response was, “Well I do explain things for a living’ obviously referring to my current career as a classroom teacher. When I write or edit, I want readers to understand beyond the words. Patricia spent two years evangelizing door to door with the Legion of Mary and adapted priestly talks into evangelization materials. She has just finished her next book, Antonio’s Questions, a catechetical story suitable for children and adults, about the art of Catholic meditation. She lives in California with her husband and son.

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